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Mold, Mold, Everywhere Some Mold

Mold is inside our homes and everywhere outside.  It is frequently on the food we buy and consume. There are hundreds of different types of mold and the vast majority of them are harmless.

Many people believe that it’s difficult to have any type of a mold situation in the desert where frequently it gets to 120+ degrees and is extremely dry.  This is true from that outside perspective, but people living in the desert keep their homes at a comfortable 68-70 degrees during those extremely hot summer months.  That creates an entirely different climate zone as it were inside of your home that potentially can be a breeding ground for mold.

There are two aspects to mold and one exasperates the other.  As an example, in properties that have extensive water damage most expensive remediation entails removal of the damaged flooring, carpeting, drywall and any additional areas of wood products.  This is necessary, but through the removal process then the mold spores are let into the air where they have an opportunity to continue to grow on the structural material that is left behind.

You can effectively kill the mold using air born agents as opposed to physically removing the material with the mold.  This is a much cheaper and far more effective way at totally killing the mold.  The downside is that the process does not remove any staining to the material such as walls or cabinets.  However, you then have an opportunity to seal the affected area and paint over it.

Using a noninvasive mold remediation process such as the one provided by No Demo Mold has lots of costs saving qualities including a faster remediation process and lower financial costs.

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