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How Do The Super Rich Use Business Coaches To Improve Their Bottom Line?

Business coaching entails conferring with a client and then helping that client to set specific goals.  A good coach will examine past goals and results and decerning challenges as to why those results were not met in addition to integrating new goals that may have arisen over the past year or so.

Interestingly, most peoples goals center around losing weight and their overall health.  After that it was saving money and then achieving a new career goal or spending more time with their family.  It’s important to distinguish between New Years Resolutions which 95% of the people drop within 6 weeks versus someone who is serious enough to make a change in their life that they hire a coach and have to pay enough that it hurts.

Most business coaching clients stay with their designed program for 12 to 18 months.

Seventy percent of the time a good coach listens to their client instead of quickly pigeon holing them into a preset coaching response.  It’s really about asking the right questions to get the client to reveal their inner roadblocks. Most of a coaching session revolves around one specific challenge that the client wants to address as opposed to answering the big questions like what’s my purpose or what do I do now.

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