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As previously discussed by the Atlas Group LC and other leading real estate and pool contractor professionals in the Las Vegas rental and sales market, demand for new pools is continuing to rise at a rate of about 1.5% per year. 

Building Material Shortage

According to Ace Bedich, owner of Green O’Aces Pools and Landscape during an interview  on Nevada’s #1 Real Estate and Investment podcast, the French Workbench,  currently in the Las Vegas market there is a shortage of building materials including steel, tile, and piping.  Anything that the US was outsourcing is now in short supply. This shortage has caused pool prices to increase by as much as 8-10 percent.


Permits in Las Vegas used to take a day or two are now taking several weeks to get pulled.  Part of this delay is because permit applications went online due to COVID and county and city employees are working from home.  Building a pool in good times, normally took 3-4 months from beginning to end.  Currently, with both material shortages as well as employee shortages and permit delays, pool construction has been pushed back to an average of 5 to 6 months.

Prices Uptick

Pool prices have been steadily increasing as well.  The odds of totally recouping your initial investment in a pool when you sell is next to impossible.  Buying a pool is a lifestyle choice and not a practical real estate investment.  On average, the total price paid for a pool will only equate to about a 30% increase in overall property value.  Consequently, it is a better investment choice to buy a property with a pool as opposed to installing a pool after the purchase. 

Tenants Can Pose Challenges

From a property management perspective, pools can be problematic.  Depending on the size and location of the property, a pool will increase rents anywhere from $150 – $350 per month.   Monthly pool maintenance will cost about $150 – $175 depending on pool size, services, and chemicals provided.  Also, there is additional costs for cleaning the pool filter at least twice a year.  Above that you have repairs to the system along with filters to replace over time. 

When you take these costs into consideration, along with the additional liability that comes with a pool, renting out a property with a pool can be challenging.  In order to cut costs some owners opt to have the tenant maintain the pool.  This can prove to be an even more expensive choice.  Few tenants have the time, expertise or inclination to do what is continually required to maintain a pool.  Using the tenant can lead to deferred maintenance and you could easily end up with a swamp instead of a pool.

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