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5 Factors to Consider When Finding A Rental

Looking for a new place to live can be exciting, but if you do not know what to look for, the search in Las Vegas can quickly turn overwhelming, exhausting, and frustrating – especially with the endless list of options and choices.

For this reason, it is important to understand the factors you should keep in mind when finding a rental – some of which are:


Location is arguably the single-most-important factor for anyone looking for a place to rent. Identify the single most important place in your life, be it your workplace, the country club, or a relative or friend’s residence. Ask yourself, “how far am I willing to live from this place?” and then narrow down your apartment choices to within that radius.

Other than that, you would also need to ensure that the apartment is safe and caters to your lifestyle and needs. Do your research – you can check out the area, ask around, or even surf the internet for reviews.

Total Cost

Your rental payment is just a portion of the total monthly costs you will incur. It would be best to consider other expenses of renting a new place, such as security deposit, maintenance charges, utility expenses, application payments, and parking fees. Estimating these costs will help you determine whether your budget allows you to rent that particular unit.

Unit Size

You come across an apartment, fall in love at first sight, and sign the rental agreement – only to find out later that there isn’t enough space for you and your double-bed to coexist in the same room. Before renting an apartment, figure out whether there is enough space for your furniture, appliances, and any other people who will be sharing the place with you.

One way to work out your space requirements is by measuring your refrigerator, couch, bed, and any other large furniture pieces. Carry a measuring tape with you when you visit your potential apartment, and make sure that there the doorways and the rooms are large enough for your items.

Essential Amenities and Features

Not only should your rental be large enough, but it also needs to have other necessary features and amenities, which might include dishwashers, walk-in closets, gyms/fitness centers, private balconies, elevators, fire pits, community rooms, and a playground.


If you own a vehicle, you will want a safe, convenient, and accessible parking spot for it. Before you sign a lease, pay a visit to the property and check the number of empty parking spaces available for residents and visitors.

Some people do prefer to park their cars and motorbikes away from their residence – the walking gives them a bit of exercise and an opportunity to take in some fresh air on the way. However, if this idea does not seem appealing to you, make sure that there is sufficient space for you to park your vehicle inside the property.

We hope that the factors discussed in this article will prove valuable to you during your hunt for the ideal living space. For more information about finding rentals, please feel free to contact us.

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