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25 Year Anniversary

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Making the COVID move, inspired or pure stupidity?

History has proven time and again, whether it be in the financial markets, real estate markets, or innovation in general, it’s almost always best to do the opposite of the crowds.  The Atlas Group LC decided during COVID to not only move their offices, but to buy a commercial site instead of renting.

This would be a defining move since it was also their 25th year in business serving the community as one of the leading residential property management companies in the greater Las Vegas area.  It was readily apparent that COVID would negatively impact the commercial real estate market as businesses learned new ways of coping with in-person meetings and customer service.  Most large corporations have learned that having a decentralized employee population, working from home, has many challenges and many unique rewards. 

It is the Atlas Group’s belief that huge corporate buildings will, for the most part, remain vacant as companies cut costs in terms of rent, fire and liability insurance, reduced utility expenses and the list goes on.  At a minimum, corporate employees can save on commute time, car and insurance expenses, as well as clothing expenditures and buying lunch every day.  At the same time, smaller office space will become a premium as almost every company needs at least someplace to hang their hat.  These office spaces will house only the team and corporate leaders through which the brunt of decision and policy making takes place.

The Atlas Group purchased a space that hadn’t been occupied in over ten years.  With sweat equity and assistance from various vendors they turned a forgotten corner of the Quail Park II Business Park in Las Vegas into an upgraded and inviting business establishment for their owners, tenants, and agents.

With several viable vaccines being disseminated around the globe it’s only a matter of time that life will get back to normal, more likely sooner rather than later.  After that prices for smaller commercial real estate offices will transition upwards and prove that this COVID move was indeed inspired.

To learn more about Atlas Group LC and their property management services offered in the greater Las Vegas area, please stop by their office at 601 S. Rancho Dr. B17, Las Vegas, NV  89106, call them at (702) 916-2200 or visit them online at (

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