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Tenant Tips: Electrical Issues

Electrical Light or Outlet(s) not working. Usually this is caused by a breaker switch having been overloaded and tripped off. There are two areas to check. First the breaker box panel which is normally on the outside of the building, but could also be in a garage or tucked away in the back of a closet. First look to see if any of the switches have slightly moved away from the totally “on” position. If you see one that is, take and switch it completely to the “off” position before attempting to move it to the “on” position. Assuming that the breaker holds, this procedure should fix the problem.

A second type of breaker is found in areas of the home where there is water, usually in the kitchen or bathroom, but also in the garage. They are GFI breaker plugs and they control a wider area of plugs than just the spot they are located in. Consequently you could have a plug or plugs go out in a bathroom and it is a GFI breaker plug in a garage that has tripped. Find the culprit plug and push the “reset” button which is located in the middle of the plug. That should reset the power to the problem area.

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