Important Tenant-Landlord Laws to Know

Understanding tenant-landlord laws will allow both parties to protect their legal rights and fulfill their legal obligations. Read on to know some of the most important of such laws.

4 Common Causes for Tenant Eviction

Wondering if you have legal grounds for evicting a tenant? Wondering whether your landlord was unfair to evict you? Read on to know some of the most common tenant eviction causes.

Lease or Rental Agreement

The Difference Between A Lease And A Rental Agreement

Whether you are a landlord looking for a return on your property, or a tenant looking for a residence, you will either be signing a lease or a rental agreement. Thus, it is essential to know the primary features of both agreement types and the critical differences between the two.

Pros and Cons of Owning A House in Las Vegas

The glamour, glitter, and fun associated with Las Vegas has made it the ‘Sin City’ of the world. Although the perfect place to vacation and have a good time, is Las Vegas just as promising as a residential city? Let us find out some of the pros and cons of owning a house in Las Vegas.